Answers to our most frequently asked strata franchise questions

What does my Network Pacific Strata Management franchise consist of?
Your franchise comprises a bundle of individual strata titled properties or lots, clustered geographically within the state. Your business is the management of each of these owners corporation client lots, for which you receive the contracted administration fees and other fees for provision of Network Pacific Strata Management services. That is, your franchise gives you a license and right to the revenue streams from the owners corporation contracts that make up your portfolio.

How do I earn my income?
Network Pacific Strata Management has a templated scale of fees and charges for each of the strata management services that it supplies to its owners corporations under contract. The full value of each of these service fees is payable directly to you (your franchisee company) either monthly (administration fees) or when services are delivered (periodic or occasional services).

What capital investment is required to purchase the franchise?
Your total purchase price comprises the value of your portfolio (calculated as a multiple of the contract value), a franchise fee, a security sum and a training fee. Details of these investment components are set out in our information as they apply to your particular franchise.

Why do I pay a franchise fee?
In franchise systems, a franchise fee is a once-only payment for the grant of intellectual property rights and access to the proven business systems of the franchising company. It is also a payment that covers the practical implementation costs incurred by the franchisor in selecting, inducting and supporting the new franchisee as you progress from trainee to fully independent business owner-manager of your Network Pacific Strata Management franchise.

What is the franchise service fee?
The raft of ongoing support services and business infrastructure provided to you by Network Pacific Strata Management is paid for by a percentage-based monthly fee called a franchise service fee. This is calculated on your monthly gross revenue, payable in arrears.

Do I have a territory?
Our management systems allow you operate your franchise business from virtually any location. So, your “territory” really consists of your portfolio of clients, not a geographic region. However, we will endeavour to group your client portfolio into compact geographic clusters to make on-site visits, meetings and coordination of trades personnel easier and less time-consuming. These clusters will be within the state in which you are located.

How do I build up my business?
Although you will have a portfolio of approximately 1000 lots to get you started, you will have every opportunity to build up your own portfolio through your own efforts. Typically, our franchisees do this through networking within their own business and contact circles, and through building excellent relationships with their clients that lead to referrals from them and/or an invitation to take on the owners corporation management of new developments as these clients expand their own businesses.

What experience do I need?
Although some industry experience is always desirable, Network Pacific Strata Management prefers to select its franchisees based on their aptitude and personality traits rather than previous experience. Network Pacific Strata Management uses personality profiling as part of its franchisee selection, and you will be asked to undertake this as you progress through the selection steps.

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