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Why should I become a Network Pacific Strata Management franchisee?

Do you want a business of your own in the professional services industry?
Network Pacific Strata Management is a business-to-business service provider to owners corporations in some of Australia’s most prestigious commercial and residential towers. We provide end-to-end property management services to individuals and companies who own strata titles in these multi-storey buildings.

Would you like a business where each day you are making your own decisions and applying your expertise in customer service to build goodwill and value into something that you own?
When you purchase a Network Pacific Strata Management franchise, you are buying the management rights to owners corporation contracts which place you in direct contact with the customer, whose assets you are responsible for managing. These customers look to you to manage their assets and in return, they will reward you with loyalty and referrals to others in their circles of influence.

Most start-up businesses take a long time to build a sustainable, ongoing cash flow and steady customer base. How would you like to “jump the queue” and have profitable revenue from day one?
As a Network Pacific Strata Management franchisee, you are taking over the management rights to owners corporation contracts already in place with Network Pacific Strata Management. That is, the revenue streams from administration fees and other services become your revenue streams. Even while you are undergoing your induction training, your franchised business is receiving the gross revenue from these contracts. You have a positive cash flow from day one – not many other new businesses can claim that!

Network Pacific Strata Management saves you having to multi-task to deliver basic services to your customers.
Network Pacific Strata Management has invested in the most sophisticated strata management systems available to deliver an owners corporation management platform where every aspect of strata management is streamlined and standardised, yet client-specific, to handle every building management situation. As a Network Pacific Strata Management franchisee, these systems are the foundation on which you operate your business. You never have to “reinvent the wheel”. The “wheel” is yours to use, leaving you free to focus on delivering the best possible solutions to your customers.

Network Pacific Strata Management franchisees are independent business owners, but are also team members in a large, established, smooth-functioning, professional services enterprise with an international presence.
When you purchase a Network Pacific Strata Management franchise, you immediately become a team player. You are mentored by Network Pacific Strata Management’s experienced strata managers. You are carefully inducted into your role as manager of your own portfolio. You have direct, 24/7 integration into Network Pacific Strata Management’s unique building management systems and you regularly participate in all aspects of the corporate culture; not as an employee, but as an equal participant with all other Network Pacific Strata Management franchisees and the senior management team of the company.

Want to earn a secure income?
Our first franchisee has tripled his turnover since the commencement of his franchise in 2015. Watch John Botha’s video.

Benefits of a Network Pacific Strata Management franchise

A Network Pacific Strata Management franchise brings the best of both worlds to people seeking a business of their own, but with the support of an established brand-name industry player. Consider the following:

Portfolio of existing clients
Your Network Pacific Strata Management franchise commences on day one with an active portfolio of owners corporations secured by Network Pacific Strata Management. You hit the ground running with instant cash flow from current clients.

No contract negotiation
Each of your clients has a current contract with Network Pacific Strata Management, and the company takes responsibility for its obligations under those contracts. In your role as contract administrator, you are assigned full management rights for each of those contracts. And most importantly, you take over the revenue streams that each contract provides.

Instant cash flow
Your management rights to the owners corporation contracts mean you directly receive the monthly contract administration fees and charges that flow from provision of all services you provide to your clients. The assignment of management rights is written into the Network Pacific Strata Franchise Agreement. You only need to set up your business accounts to start earning instant monthly cash revenue.

No marketing or selling
The focus of your franchise business is client services, not sales and marketing. Our experience shows that excellence in customer service automatically leads to client portfolio expansion. That is, when your client is delighted with the service they receive from Network Pacific Strata Management, you are typically the first person they will contact to manage their next project. Your portfolio of business grows organically through customer service, not constantly having to market and sell to new prospects. 

Comprehensive training
When you join Network Pacific Strata Management, you will undertake an intensive three month training and induction program at either the company’s Head Office in Melbourne or at the state office nearest to you. You will work side-by-side with the people who will guide you step-by-step through every aspect of the owners corporation management business. You will become fully immersed in the use of Network Pacific Strata Management’s operating systems and will ‘learn-by-doing’ so that you reach full competency as quickly as possible.

Full suite of ancillary services
Your Network Pacific Strata Management franchise is not limited to just strata management. Network Pacific Strata Management has a full range of allied products and services that include:

These separate business units represent additional opportunities for your business. Typically, the selling of these services to your clients is handled by the associated entity.

To create your future with us, let’s get you started. Click on the enquiry button below and we’ll start the ball rolling.


Your franchise journey starts with twelve easy steps

  1. Register your interest by completing our franchise enquiry form.
  2. You will receive a reply and a Confidentially Agreement to be signed.
  3. Our representative will call you for a preliminary discussion. If you would like to proceed, we will then send you an application form in two parts.
  4. You will then receive an information pack containing financial and legal documents. A refundable fee of $500 is payable at this point.
  5. The next step is over to you. Use the information pack to seek your own independent legal and financial advice.
  6. If you are happy with the terms of the offer and would like to proceed to the next step, we will invite you to a meeting with the Franchisor. You will then tour the facility, meet the executives and have the opportunity to ask questions.
  7. Time now to get hands-on. Come in for a three day trial period – your chance to experience a “day in the life of a strata manager”.
  8. If both you and the Franchisor are happy to procced at this point, you should start your finance application process. If you use our financiers, we may be able to offer you a conditional pre-approval.
  9. With your finance in place, it’s time to prepare the franchise documentation. There is a $3,300 fee payable to the solicitors at this point.
  10. Your 14 day Disclosure Period starts now.
  11. At the end of the Disclosure Period, you will sign the Franchise Agreement and a code-specified seven day cooling off period applies. Use this time to apply for your strata management certificate from the Building Licensing Authority (Victoria only).
  12. With everything now in place, you are ready to commence your training. You are now a Network Pacific Strata Management franchisee with your own business portfolio. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

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